Top Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

You will enjoy this old family favorite. Try making homemade dumplings or using Polish egg noodles for a more original recipe.

You will need:

1 (3 lb.) whole chicken

1 tsp. of seasoning salt

1 chopped onion

1 stalk celery (including leaves)

1 tsp. of black pepper

1 Tbsp. of poultry seasoning

1 tsp. of whole allspice

1 tsp. of dried basil

1/2 tsp. of salt

1 (10.75 oz.) can of cream of chicken soup (condensed, optional)

For the dumplings:

4 whole eggs

2 Tbsp. of olive oil

1 Tbsp. of salt

1 tsp. of black pepper

2 c. of water

4 c. of general-purpose flour