Easiest Way To Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

Your hand makes a good scoop for extracting the bulk of the seeds and the stringy fibrous goo. Now that you have your tools, here is, step by step, how to carve a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern:

Step 1. Cut into the pumpkin.
Place your pumpkin on a solid surface you can wash (or spread newspaper to catch any drips). Draw the proposed cut on the skin with a felt tip marker: You want the hole large enough to get your fist through, but no larger, as you want to keep as much of the pumpkin intact as possible so it will keep its shape for as long as possible. Most pictures you see show a lid cut out from the top and centered around the stem, and that’s fine. When you make the cut for a top opening and stemmed lid, angle the knife in toward the center of the opposite side of the pumpkin, rather than straight down, to create a rim for the lid to sit on (if you cut straight down your lid will fall into the cavity when you put it back on). But let me tell you how to carve a pumpkin a better way: Make a straight-sided opening into the center of the bottom of the pumpkin.

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