Easy & Tasty Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Easy Chocolate Fudge-just 4 ingredients and a few minutes! Perfect for gift giving! I know we always seem to be rushing Holidays. It’s not even Halloween yet. And then we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy.

I love a good fried turkey for Thanksgiving. There is nothing like the skin on a fried turkey. We fight over it. Trying to pick at the turkey before we even get to the table. But I realized this morning that today is the 25th. While I don’t want to rush Christmas, I only have 60 days to plan for, shop for, decorate for, bake for…Christmas. I’m a planner. My plans don’t always work out. Or they get changed a hundred times. But I do try to stay organized. This 60 day realization sent me into a panic mode. I have done no planning yet. I haven’t bought a single gift. I haven’t strolled down the Christmas isles in the stores. I feel completely unprepared.

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