Our Team

Culinarybook – is a digital Space that was Founded by Antonio Margaretti And Severine Savary. It first started with a few recipes that we would like to share online. But then it has grown because having years of experience in cooking we made a community of chefs who are happy to share their experience with others.

Antonio Margaretti

Antonio culinary passion started early in a childhood inspired by his parents – the true lovers of Italian Cuisine as he Describes them. At the age of 15, he began to work in the “La Terrace” restaurant in the hotel “Limona” during the summer months.

Later he meets Gustavo Verge, the creator of Cuisine du Soleil in “La Pergola”. In this period he becomes close to regional Cuisine. This technique will make him famous in the future. In 2004 he became a brand chef of Sofitel in Rome and made this restaurant one of the most popular among the tourists that come to visit Italian capital.

Later in 2010, he opens his own restaurant “Baffo” where he still creates the best masterpiece of Italian food.

Severine Savary

Severine Savary became a famous chef thanks to a long apprenticeship that led her to work with famous chefs and in restaurants throughout Italy.

At the age of 16, after having obtained the qualification of assistant cook at the hospitality school of Palermo, she chose not to continue her studies to become chef, but to leave to gain experience in various restaurants: she worked in famous clubs such as “La Piovra” in Bologna, the “Zi Nappi” in Milano and the Grand Hotel in Naples.

At the base of Severine Savary’s recipes, there are traditional dishes, revisited by the chef thanks to a culture developed during her travels abroad. In 2009 she became a chef of “Casa Bacci” in Venice.

Alexandre McArthur

Member of FIPE
(Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi)
– Italian main restaurant association.
Renee Lebois

Work with Spain restaurants for the past 15 years, read lection course in Barcelona cooking University.
Michele Thomas

Brand Chef in Michel Hamilton’s restaurant all over the Europe.
Hans Bierhoff

Brand Chef of Swiss-based sweets company Helvetica.
Mario Zagatto

Chef in River Cafe restaurant since 2014.
Alexandre Claris
Founder of German-based culinary startup Spoon-Rocket.
Carlos Pinto

Chef in Le Mark restaurant since 2003.
Severine Seyres

Chef in Artico restaurant since 2010.